Not so chilly anymore

We have a bit of a reputation for being stingy with the central heating, turning it on late, keeping it low, etc. That’s gone to the nth degree this year, as I took a radiator off the wall in the living room to redecorate, and didn’t put it back, so the heating isn’t on yet. It’s actually been fine, so I have a good feeling about what our heating bill is going to be like.

None of the radiators in the flat are in sensible places, and with how we’re planning the living room, we want a new radiator on a different wall, but we also wanted to add a radiator in the box room (currently the boys’ room, eventually study/spare room.)

The pipes for the living room radiator happened to come through the wall from the box room, in exactly the position we wanted the new radiator in that room. Armed with YouTube and a bunch of new tools, I cut the pipes and brought them back through the wall, then installed this neat little convector radiator by the door.

My soldering isn’t going to win any beauty contests, and I’ll have to consign that scorched skirting to the tip (it was going to be replaced when we do that room anyway) but I’m confident enough in it to run the heating now. Even if it is only for our usual few minutes at a time!

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