Today is a day for taking up floorboards

We’re back in our flat now- a good long cleaning session on Thursday night let us move things back to where they should be so that we can now get into our bedroom- hooray!

That means it’s time to ramp up the work pace again, with an aim of building the kitchen cabinets in a couple of weeks time. First though, we need a floor, so today I’m taking up the floorboards to replace with thick plywood to tile on to. The boards are in pretty good shape, but patchy because of the old wall which was removed before we bought the flat.

We didn’t want them sanded in the kitchen because they can be a bit soft for such a busy part of the flat, and other floor finishes are easier to clean. They’ll be useful though, to repair the floor in the hallway and in the boys room when we do that, particularly replacing the concrete hearth.

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