Patchwork Fillt

We’re getting closer and closer to painting. We’ll paint directly on the plaster, which looked pretty good on first look, but all the little white patches are defects which needed filling, and I’m sure there will be more we find when we mist coat these walls!

The plan is to see how it looks directly painting on the plaster, and only lining paper if it looks bad. We’ll see.

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  1. Great effort to have done all you have and got back to the real base of this room – it will SO show through in the eventual finish. Can you explain what you mean by “mist coat” : will you use some sort of a spray or jet ?

    1. The mist coat is a very dilute (50% water) base to paint directly on the plaster so that it can pull all the moisture out of that coat, not the subsequent finish coat(s), which will make it less likely that they will peel or craze or whatever.

      I might spray it, I have a fancy HVLP spray gun now, which I got to put the thinnest coats I can on the cornice… but it can just as well be done with a roller.

      1. Josh,

        if you’ve got a spray gun, then use it. When you use a roller for a mist coat the paint is fluid and it runs to the edges, (unlike undiluted paint) and you get a paint line which is very hard to lose, and you find yourself rolling up and down and just getting stripes. All our contractors spray the mist coat(s)

        However, 50:50 is probably about right for brand new plaster, but I’d suggest you only need 25% water 75% paint for old plaster, it will have a lesser porosity to new plaster.



        1. Ah, I didn’t know that about the paint line, thanks, I’ll definitely spray it then. Should be quicker than rolling too.

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