Finishing the prep

There’s a point, and I’ve about to hit it with our bedroom, when nearly all the prep is done, and it suddenly feels like everything’s coming together. Finishes like skim plaster or lining paper definitely help get you there, but in here what’s really done it is putting the trim on. 

I’ve kept it all original, using skirting from inside the new wardrobe, and architraves pilfered from another room where the skirting boards are so mix and match that we are planning to replace it all anyway. The door’s taken from the kitchen as well, as we are swapping the hinge side of both those rooms, and luckily their doors are the same width with opposite hinges, so we’ve just swapped them over.

Tomorrow I’ll finish off the last of the filling and the lining inside the wardrobe, seal and prime the walls, then I should be ready to paint!

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  1. That looks to be a very good job you have done, Josh : this room really was very tatty and tired and damaged and now you have nursed it back to life !

    This image actually looks like a room “tamed” – you have finally gained the upper hand on it and it has had to surrender and accept that it has been transformed into something that is right, something returned to its original detail and demeanour … So it can now stop resisting you and hindering and hampering your progress at every turn and allow itself to be soon finished – and will be so much the better for it.

    1. Thanks Dad,
      Yeah, it feels a bit like that, though it has been much easier and quicker than the living room was. We’re very much looking forward to not putting away our mattress every morning, and getting it out at night though!

  2. I know I said it earlier but love reading these a real labour of love! Your boys are going to learn some real skills when older.

    1. Thanks Ricky – they’re certainly very interested and it will be good to have some helpers when they’re a bit bigger!

      1. Looks like I may have taught my boy a thing or two – who did, and still does, help me a lot on our different “projects” over the years … ( Though I have to say, he’s now rather outclassing my efforts on our first place with this tour de force at theirs !!! )

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