Two days from my last picture, and that alcove’s a lot fuller! Thanks to Brian, John, and Hamish, we now have a fantastic built in cabinet and shelves, all ready to paint. (At least, when we’ve found some nice handles for the cabinet)

I’m really pleased with the work they’ve done for us, and when it’s all painted up it should fit in really nicely with the press on the other side of the fireplace, as Hamish found a similar style of moulding to go around it.


The shelves are nice and deep, so they will (as is always the way with us) be filled with two rows of books each, and the cupboard houses all the AV/network gear… which I thought would more or less fill it, but it’s looking like we should have at least half the space free for other things, so that’s good. You get so much space when it’s built in, compared to something freestanding sitting in the same place.

We’ve decided to delay painting for now and get on with sanding the floorboards. More dust it is then.

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  1. Love your blog Josh,

    Wonderful to see all you are doing, and already you’ve done some of the very same things we did in our first house. I made a cupboard in an alcove just like this, (except it had glass doors out of a skip).

    Keep up the good work, the pleasure of doing a job yourself and properly is what it’s all about.

    best wishes


  2. Superb work – what a fantastic addition to the room, and so in keeping with all the other features. Loving those asymmetric handles too : very Viv Westwood … Bit gutted ( though probably not half as much as you are ) to see ( or not see ) all that painstaking plastering work now hidden away for ever – but God sees it : “God is in the details”, you do realise ?

    Seriously – I do like how Hamish has use the blocks properly to stop and start the skirting mouldings at each corner – class job that.

    1. Well, there’s still plenty on show in the rest of the room- that’s why I did that corner first, it was good to know it would be hidden in case I messed it up!

      Yeah, the blocks make it look really tidy, and they match up nicely with the doorframe and press frame.

      Now I just need to get on and move that radiator valve…

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